About Doto

Doto is a CFD broker with a unique, user-driven trading platform

Who we are

We are an international team of experts with multifaceted experience in brokerage, finance, software and banking. All of us are united by the goal of helping people trade smart.

What we do

We strive to simplify your trading experience and make the whole process as flexible and personalized as possible. That’s the essence of Doto.


We are continuously evolving into the optimal trading platform for everyone



We give our traders the power to choose the features that matter most and get the desired platform

Openness to dialogue

We always listen carefully to our traders and apply their feedback to improve our offerings

Focus on traders

We want our traders to succeed while being provided with all the tools needed to excel


We simplify the decision-making process for our traders thanks to our user-friendly trading platform

CEO & Director

Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou

Dr. Demetrios Zamboglou is the CEO of Doto Group, where he leads a high-performance team of talented individuals. With a background in formula engineering, Demetrios has always been passionate about trading and investments. He has dedicated many years to researching and teaching about behavioral finance, and has received recognition for his contributions to the fintech industry. Demetrios was named the 2022 Fintech Contributor of the Year by Hackernoon, he featured on the December 2022 cover of Forbes Cyprus, and ranked as a Young Achiever by Arabian Business in 2021. He is also an alumnus of the YLC of the Milken Institute, class of 2021. Demetrios holds an MEng in Computer Systems Engineering, an MSc in Shipping, Trading and Finance, a Masters in Political Marketing, a PhD in Management Research and an ALP from Cambridge University.